New Hairstyling trends for 2021

2021 is in full swing and we’re here to embrace this New Year with new and improved so styling trends. Last year we had (what felt like an eternity) of staying home and making sure we were social distancing. 

We were also mindful to shake some stylish attitude and wave farewell of 2020 moments. All the best things in the world must come to an end. 

The 2021 vibe is more natural and empowered than 2020. We are now welcoming new hairstyles, colours, and accessories that have a more unique aesthetic style. 

Below are some style trends that we think will give you that extra edge in 2021. 

Shag AF Manes 

We have always loved a tremendous slick style, but we have become the shag AF mane addicts. This year is different because more people still work from home. So undone twists and tresses have now become a vibe, more so than last year. 

The Half Updo Styling trends 

These types of styling trends can last forever. It is not more a vibe this year. These half buns were the latest stay at home styling trends for sure. Now we salute the h braids, and ponytails with a relaxed and natural look and feel about them. 

Turned-Out Tresses 

There were moments of the Retro Mane in 2020, and those were big last year. Now, we are looking for bob cuts and layering styling trends. These are our all time favourite, along with flipped out strands which are very fashionable. But this year we are really focusing more on keeping it natural with an aesthetic trend. 

Blunt Bangs 

Bangs of course, have become trendy during the quarantine period. Almost all ages of women have turned towards bangs because they found it easy to maintain. Having bangs is so easy for us to cut, and some clients tried it at home, only to come in and ask us to fix them. So before you try it, come in and let’s chat at your next appointment if bangs will suit you. We are happy to help you figure out if your face will be suitable for bang framing or whether you want your shaggy fringes to grow out. 

Bling out Accessories 

Simplicity is the perfect for this year. There are no more complex accessories hanging around, and there are no more heavy accessories. You will not see any bold, significant, and bright barrettes in 2021. Simplicity is always an all-time favourite trend which never gets old. Now it’s time to say farewell to those unfashionable heavy hair accessories and turn towards minimal clips and get rid of those scrunchies! 

Classic Blonde Balayage 

Although this trend is a favourite in the summertime, we prefer more natural tonal styles for 2021. Yes, we admit that every girl actually suits balayage when done correctly by one of our colourists here at Stanley & Co Hair. 

It adds a unique beauty and highlights your face, and is still a brilliant fashion when done well. This year we love to add warm tones with lowlight blending. You can go for the classic blonde style, but remember that trend is rotating over lowlights of warm colours for 2021. 

Pink Hair 

Pink hair had many appearances in 2020, and why we wouldn’t like to have such a beautiful hair colour. It gives so much brightness to the skin and even gets better with more shine towards the sunset. Of course, this was a fantastic trend in 2020, but the time has come to change things up a little. 2021 brings on the neon hues, including blues and purples. Those types of colours are capable of giving a much radiant look towards your face and skin tone more than ever. 

So what’s next? 

Want to maintain a unique new colour and style, to compliment your personality? Get! You can book in using the Book Now button on this page. 2021 is bringing a unique style to embrace a new strong and empowered look alongside this years hair trends. We want you to shine now, more than ever before. 

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