Hair colour tones to warm up your winter look

Your hair colour has to compliment your skin tone and give a sparkle to your eyes. Sometimes lighter toned colours may not look right for the skin tone, and may cause a more sallow skin colour.

When you try out new seasonal hair colour trends, its can be an easy idea to make your look more fresh and sharper. This winter, you can rock your personality with some stunning hair colour trends this season. 

Many of our clients are opting for huge changes this season. Some are going for warmer colour shades to give a more dimensional look to their auto winter hair. Blondes can add warmer shades of blonde or using a gloss for a more buttery tone. Hair colour pigments like honey, marigold, peach or apricot can be used.

For brunettes our hair colour expert Sarah has suggested adding a gloss to make the hair colour richer and even added amber, gold and root beer tones giving the look a warmer more vibrant hair colour.

Below are some of the best hair colour tones you can use in this season without getting distracted.

Rich Chocolate Brown 

There is a hair colour that works really well around the world right now. It is a rich chocolate brown. You can have a velvety rich hair colour shade that gives you a sophisticated look. You can mix this with some beautifully toned brown eye shadows, and there you are. Your look becomes perfect.

Most people think that chocolate brown is not good with darker skin tones. But the fact is it makes you look become so rich and shiny. Rich chocolate brown adds some classic features to your style so you can become that little bit more polished around your mates. You can even add sun kissed Carmel highlights to bring an elevated dimension to your look.

Black and Caramel Ombre hair colours

Darker skin and tanned skin tones are just loving the black and caramel ombre hair colour shades. When it’s mixed with textured hair, these stunning shades can give you that full and lustrous look. Those black darker roots lift that beautiful Beyoncé type of Carmel blonde ringlets. This season, you can have this stunning look and feel fantastic all winter long. It works on paler skin given you that snow white effect and on darker skin it can bring out the warmer tones. 

Honey Kissed Blonde

There is much more contrast between the chocolate hued skin to honey blonde. Even if you have a little type of darker yet bright skin tone, you can go for some risky options to make your look even more stunning. These two colours are lovely together, and it is time to take a risky approach to look perfect. You can try these on colder months and take a step out of your comfort zone. Don’t hesitate towards trying this.

Classic Black

This is a sleek and polished one for all skin tones out there, which is more classic. Any light strands can match this, and you will never miss the point to look stunning. Black is all kinds of favourite look. 

You can add golden tones with a hint of brown to make your look sassy this winter. Our hair colour Sarah suggests adding a gloss to kick it up a notch.


Is it time to think beyond pink? Amethyst is a fun hair colour that really gets you noticed. It’s bold and soft, and on darker skin tonnes really makes your look pop. With our Mr Smith pigments we can literally turn your hair colour into any shade of purple or pink.

Vibrant Red and Copper

This hair colour shade is so vibrant and really on trend at the moment. You can opt in for a more softer Copper tone. Who wouldn’t like to be electrifying in this season? Red is more likely to make you stand out. It’s the colour of leadership. 

If you are not sure about going all the way, why not ask our hair colourist Sarah to weave some red pieces into the base shade for a subtle pop of red. We can even use some warm cinnamon to make your skin  tone look more perfect.

Trying a new trending hair colour may feel like a risk, but  it can be so rewarding because the colour can make your look stunning. This season is when you have to try on unique hair colour, and why be fear to become fabulous? Let’s give it a try. Book in to get our hairdressing and colour expert Sarah help you find the right colour pigment to make your look more vibrant this season.

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