70s grunge wave hairstyles are making a huge comeback with a unique twist

One of the favourite hairstyles of that era was grungy waves hair. This hairstyle works best with for so many people, and we love adding more blunted layers to create a more stunning look.

We don't use chalky wax to create this type of grunge look, but use some great natural products from the Mr. Smith hair care range. If you want to vibe grungy waves hair, you better wear some neutral tones with natural lipstick because your hair is going stand out on it’s own. So, what are the best ways to create this fantastic hair vibe? Let’s get into what we think this look can work in more ways than one.

Loose waves

As we said earlier, this grungy waves hair is a vibe more than just a bob cut. So if you want to express your 70's babe soul, try bleach waves. There will be a lot of messy and the tangled curls used for this look, and it’s going to nail your casual beach look for sure. It is more effortless and compatible with any grunge look for this year.


You can use a two-toned hair colour and make it into a bold statement. This is very iconic with short hair and bold colour, and will ensure you’re going to rock with this iconic look of the ‘70s.

Centre-part and tucked

You can throw your grungy waves hair curls into a centre-part and tuck locks them behind your ears to look sharp. This 70's style has a huge vibe and lasted for a decade in the grunge hair history.

Soft serve Mullet look

This style is going to add some more volume as well as definition. Make sure you hydrate your hair well. For a flexible holding natural hair movement, Tara recommends curl cream and serum  from Mr Smith. 

In winter we always recommend you come in and get a one of our treatments at least every 2-3 months to keep your curls looking hydrated and soft. Book in with Sarah who is our curls expert.

Messy space buns

Grunge waves hair becomes so iconic with a messy style. This was a late 70's big fashion icon and is still the most significant trend to follow. You can give a grunge spin to your space bun and leave some hair loose in front to add that extra loose style.

Inky purples and blues

The 70's era is a mood swing with purples and blue hue entrenched with a grungy loose style. So why not nail that energy with purple hair colour? Take back that electric energy with this colour hair for a more modern hair style.


This is the more iconic beach look that has been around since the early 1900s. It was made famous through Marilyn Monroe and we think this look works well with the 70s grunge waves hair to help your hair shine more.

Joe’s favourite products to create this look is Mr Smith mousse as a styling product and finishing it with Mr Smith paste.

Plantim blonde

Honey, Pink or chestnut

Why not make your hair colour honey with a vibe to the '70s? Highlight your hair colour with the decade hue honey, pink or chestnut. Come in to see our colourist Sarah to make sure we find the right Mr Smith pigment to highlight your eyes and your cheekbones.

Air-dried Bobs

Why not take a long break from all your hot tools and give your hair a breather? Cut it to a bob to help your hair become healthier and take years off, to look and feel more youthful.

Long and matte

You can spritz your straight hair to get this look. So it will stay matte and give you a the feel and look of grunge waves hair type for sure. Use Mr Smith products to help create that matte finish to your grunge waves.


No more worries about the volume hair and let it dry natural and flat. This is a limp style to make your hair look grunge. Our stylist Dolly has a few favourite products that are her go to for Mr Smith Foundation and Serum. 

Dolly loves these to make healthy bobs look great for the winter, and these two mixed together are  perfect to keep the hair smooth and shiny.

High ponytails

You can pull over all your hair into the shoulders or keep a small section on the top. So it becomes a waterfall ponytail. You can give the up do to make some texture and make it look more volume as well.

What do we use to make grunge 70s waves?

We use Mr. Smith products to make your grunge 70s waves look, and the reason for using them is they are organically made that nourish your hair. And also, it makes your hair stronger. By using Mr Smith products, we can make your hair style into a more textured look.

Our steps to make your hair into grunge is as follows.

  1. Start with wet hair, apply Mr. Smith Leave In from mid-lengths to ends for hydration.
  2. Work through Mr. Smith The Foundation from roots to the ends, and twist your hair to encourage natural curl.
  3. Diffuse hair with a hairdryer until completely dry.
  4. Spray Mr. Smith Sea Salt Spray liberally from roots to mid-lengths to give a gritty, lived-in texture.
  5. Mix a small amount of Mr. Smith Serum & Mr. Smith Leave In together and work through mid-lengths to add shine and define the ends.

Creating grunge waves hair is a great way to make your look into more ‘70s with a 2021 twist. So if you want the coolest ideas to make your look better, come in and let us help you create your look with grungy waves hair into a reality. 

Launch of Stanley & Co Hair Pigment Competition

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