We're open for business in a brand new way this year!

2020 was an up and down year for all, due to the pandemic, with many of us growing our hair longer than usual. 

Social distancing and sanitisers are now the norm, and we have decided to focus on your safety and health more than ever. We have made sure that safety practices are in place on your next visit to our salon. That’s why we wanted to launch our new website and a brand new way of doing this year.

We have launched the new Stanley and Co Hair website because you asked for a simply way to find answers to your hair questions, and understand our services and pricing better. You now have more options. 2021 has become a year where you are in control of your hair appointments with our improved booking system. This means our stylists can concentrate on focusing on creative hair styling services to help you look and feel great!

What does the Stanley and Co Hair brand mean?

Stanley and Co hair was opened In honour of my late Grandfather, who was a well recognised hairdresser in New Zealand. My grandfather was a massive inspiration to me when I was a boy that has helped mould my career and how I want to create that welcoming feeling of our salon. I learnt about the values of providing good old fashioned service.

My Grandfather was passionate about helping people look and feel great, I remember watching him as a boy. He used to cut hair my hair at home, and had this brown suitcase full of antique clippers, combs and trimmers. I soon realised that it was my passion too. I knew this was the best career for me and it’s been an excellent opportunity to support my team, myself and my daughter. When you work on something you’re passionate about it doesn’t feel like work.

What are the new features of our website?

First of all, we have made the website easy to book appointments because you asked for this. With a much simpler online system available, we have made sure that you can book an appointment from every web page. You simple click the Book Appointment button, find a date and time that suits you and we can spend more quality time with our customers (and you) on each appointment.

Here’s an quick overview of what you can expect on the website:

Book appointments

Now you are free to make an appointment for your hairdressing online, and you can even book your appointment as many times as you like. This means you never miss an appointment, and have the opportunity to choose the time and date that you want.

Hairdressing vouchers

As we said earlier, we have changed so much this  year, and the way we provide services for our customers has become more streamlined, to help save you time looking for that special gift. So we have introduced a hairdressing voucher that you can buy for your family and friends. 

An updated version

We received so many requests to update our website by you (our customers) and yes we have done it! Now you can see the latest services, find information on our site, book in, read, and even contacting us becomes more comfortable than ever.


We allow you to enjoy paying for your haircut using Afterpay. This means you can pay over four instalments for any of our services. We want to assure you can still look great and pay a flexible amount each fortnight using Afterpay.

Now hairdressing comes with instalment plans and no more worries to pay upfront. 

What else can you expect around social distancing from us?

As we said earlier, Stanley and Co Hair salon is highly concerned about hygiene these days. So our team is careful to ensure the best health precautions and hygiene practices inside the salon. Our number one concern is your health and of our team. 

As we are in a pandemic era, health is so precious for all our customers and us. But don’t worry. Although we are positively maintaining hygiene facilities in our salon, you still have the chance to have a relaxed experience in an enjoyable environment. So getting your hair done with us will be far from boring. You will still get an awesome experience because we love to get to know you, on a personal level.

Throughout the day, we regularly clean chairs, and equipment so that safety is assured. Social distancing is highly regarded inside our salon, and we there is no more hugging, kissing, or shaking hands within our premises during this tricky times. This means we can be assured that you and our team remain healthy and safe.

We make sure that all of our equipment used for hairdressing is thoroughly sanitised  after every person. We use one towel and gown for each person. These gowns are sanitised and washed to ensure the safety of everyone especially our customers.

How can you contact us?

As we only work in the salon four days a week, we have extended our hours so we can fit you in. So, you can make an appointment with us at any time during these four days by clicking the ‘Book Appointment’ button on the home page. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Book in to join us!

Stanley Co and Hair Salon is a place where you can come and have your hair done in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our salon and our hair stylists follow the best hygiene practices. We heavily follow health precautions to make sure customer safety is guaranteed. Book in to get your hair done using the button on this page. You can also call us to talk about the best hair style, colour and treatment that will suit you perfectly.

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