5 Tips to grow Healthy Hair long and fast

Sometimes we try to keep our hair healthy by chopping our long hair too short. But right after we do it, we often regret it within seconds. Growing healthy hair is more challenging than cutting it. 

For example, you might decide to get bangs. At first you love them! But after a while you realise that you need to get them frequently trimmed to look super hot. Perhaps the look you were going for suddenly becomes outdated, and you decide to grow them out.

Often when we cut our hair short we want to have long silky hair again. To grow that long hair back, you need to follow healthy hair care, to make sure you have lustrous healthy hair.

Below are some tips from Joe Orlowski, Stanley & Co Hair owner, to make your hair healthier than ever before - and especially during a lockdown.

Take vitamins to nourish your hair

Joe’s advice to grow your healthy hair is to take vitamins. Sounds pretty simple right? But which ones do you take?

Vitamins do an outstanding job for your health, and they are great for your hair as well. Most of us lead busy lives and sometimes our diet isn’t as healthy as we would like it to be. Taking vitamin supplements can help your diet, skin and hair (and sometimes your mind) stay healthy - especially  when life gets busy.

Some specific vitamins cause hair growth, and you can take them to help support healthy hair care. Joe recommends taking Biotin, B12, and zinc which are excellent for growing shiny hair. Make sure you get enough vitamin and mineral intake to have healthy lustrous hair growth.

Get Regular hair Trims

You need regular trims to have healthy hair. Okay that might be hard during lockdown. The issues is when you stop cutting your hair, or take too long in-between cuts, the ends may become so weak they will naturally split. This doesn't look healthy and can damage your hair. 

To regrow your hair - to be more robust, Joe recommends you get regular trims. Forget about the myth that trims make your hair grow faster. When actually trims make your ends stronger, healthier and more robust over the long term. Joe believes there’s nothing sexier than strong, lustrous head of hair.

Use hair masks

We are used to having face masks to keep our skin healthy and glowing. The same goes about pampering your hair with a hair mask, especially for dry hair. Masques are a literal way to give your hair moisture and strengthen your locks. The results speak for themselves because your hair will become stronger and more healthier than ever.

Joe recommends:

Mr Smith’s Masque Treatment is infused with marula oil, frankincense and mango butter that nourishes and strengthens the hair. It has been scientifically developed to enrich and replenish, is sulphate and parabene free, PETA certified cruelty free and vegan. All you need to know is - it's rich and restorative.

Use the hair mask at least once a week, or every 2 shampoos. If your hair goes slightly limp or flat after one use of the masque treatment, don't panic. It means you’ve used way too much product. 

Remember to use the masque away from the scalp and more on the lengths of the hair. Massage your scalp at the very end and then rinse throughly with warm (not hot) water to retain moisture.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy and getting a balanced diet is a must for everyone. The way you eat affects your mind, your body and your hair. What you put into your body reflects on the outside as well. Eating a balanced and nutritious food can ensure your have a healthy scalp and more shine to your hair.

Joe recommends taking more biotin and protein contained foods in your diet and make sure you are also adding vitamins. Foods that are rich in protein naturally promote good hair growth. Try adding some more eggs, fish and spinach to your diet.

Over to you

When you follow these simple yet efficient tips, you will ensure your hair growth is stronger, more robust and with regular trims you will have people commenting about how good you look. If you want more ideas about your hair type, remember to ask our friendly team at Stanley & Co Hair on your next consult. In the meantime, while we're waiting for Sydney lockdown to finish, try one of these ideas to make the hair stronger, healthier and see better results to more beautiful hair.

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